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Business & Entrepreneurship Lab

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
– Peter Drucker

In the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Smart Lab, students will discover a wide array of topics matters that are prevalent in the world of business.  They will have an understanding of basic and advanced examples of business and marketing which will help better prepare them for the “real” business world.  Our students will have four projects that will help them learn what it takes to be an effective manager, how to be a model employee, marketing, advertising, and raising capital.  The students will perform/initiate interviews, produce/run a TGA magazine (TGA Gazette), and will put their business knowledge and creativity to the test when they have to go before a “Shark Tank” to obtain funding (via a rubric) for their potential business venture.  The business world has become more competitive in the current economy so our students will have the real-world knowledge to give them the upper hand over their competition.