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GREAT Testimonials

I have seen Anthony grow as a person and as a student this semester.  The Great Academy has been good for him.  We are in a transition in our lives and will spend the break organizing, planning, and setting new goals for ourselves as individuals and as a family.  I reminded my son again that failing to do work he finds not “interesting” hurts only himself and that successful people have the self discipline to complete all that is required of them.

– Kathleen C.


In Phill’s previous school experiences, he has had a very difficult time with everything.  From getting out of bed, through the school day, and completing homework, he has had a constant struggle from first grade.  He would cry in the morning, or simply not talk at all.  There was little or no conversation on the way to school.  After picking him up, he would not discuss school, only state that it was “horrible”.  There was very little positive communication from him about anything that he may have learned that day. While attempting to complete homework, he would cry and even bang his head on the table.

If I were to have received a progress report similar to the ones sent out at the GREAT academy, a number one would have been placed in all of the places I am now seeing 2, 3. His grades would have been in the 40’s or 50’s.

In contrast, I now have a child that gets out of bed on time voluntarily and irons his own uniform.  He is happy in the mornings, talking about what he thinks he might do during the day.  On the way home from school, there is lively talk about all that he did that day.  Phill even communicates quite a bit to me about the classes that he seems to not be engaging in well.

The GREAT Academy has been a very positive influence for change in Phill’s life and I am grateful to the teachers and staff at your school for accepting and working with him. Thank you for this opportunity for Phill to actually enjoy learning.

– Tammy P.