The Vision of The GREAT Academy Foundation

The GREAT Academy Foundation was specifically formed for the purpose of providing support in the form of goods, services, and funds, to The GREAT Academy in order to further its mission. The mission of The GREAT Academy is to ensure that all students Gain Real-world Experience through Active Transition. The Academy exists, not only to improve education for students, but to provide students with necessary skills for college career success. The GREAT Academy promises to make sure that its seniors are prepared for the demands of post-secondary education and/or the career world, and in turn, improve the community by improving its residents. The Academy is committed to providing students with an education that is relevant and meaningful to their journey of achieving success. The GREAT Academy Foundation will support this vision through the following:


    • FundraisingThe Foundation solicits donations through direct mail, email, foundation and government grants. These funds will directly and solely benefit the Academy and its students by providing scholarship opportunities, student trips and activities, and any goods that may enhance the students’ educational experience.
    • Community Service OpportunitiesThe Foundation will organize and support community outreach activities. We believe that giving back to our community is not only beneficial to our fellow community members but to developing students’ confidence, work-ethic, and integrity.
    • Providing Personnel SupportThe Foundation will support the Academy with personnel as any need arises for special events, student trips, registration, service learning, etc.
    • Sponsoring Student Groups and ActivitiesThe Foundation exists to contribute to the richness of the students’ educational experience. We will sponsor student groups such as the Board of Young Executives and The Yearbook Committee because we believe these types of activities add depth and enjoyment to the learning experiences of TGA students.
    • Providing Incentives to Staff and StudentsTGA Teachers and Staff work hard to create a safe and engaging learning environment for their students. They support, encourage, and develop TGA students into the leaders of our future. For these reasons we will recognize their efforts with various incentives.
    • Act as a Marketing Liaison for Outreach and RecruitmentThe GREAT Academy exists not only to better the lives of the students it has, but those who could benefit from the type of environment and opportunities the Academy provides. The Foundation will use its personnel and resources to market the Academy and recruit new students.