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Lottery & Enrollment

Enrollment Policy:

The GREAT Academy sets forth the following policies. In accordance with the Charter School Act, any student, regardless of where he/she resides in New Mexico, may attend The GREAT Academy. The GREAT Academy’s enrollment policies prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, or need for special education services. These policies are necessary in the event that enrollment interest exceeds the enrollment capacity. If it is the intent of the parents to enroll their student, the parent must submit an electronic Letter of Intent during our enrollment period for each student. Any student not selected from the lottery with a submitted letter of intent will be placed on a waiting list.

(1) As per NMSA Section 22-8B-4.1 NMSA 1978 enrollment and the lottery will be governed by the following rules:a start-up school may either enroll students on a first-come, first-served basis or through a lottery selection process if the total number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available at the start-up school; and Beginning in 2013-2014 The GREAT Academy shall give enrollment preference to:

  1. Students who have been admitted to the charter school through an appropriate admission process and remain in attendance through subsequent grades; and
  2. Siblings of students already admitted to or attending the same charter school.

Enrollment Procedures/Letter of Intent:

If a parent or guardian (collectively referred to as “Parent”) wants to enroll his/her student, the parent must submit an electronic Letter of Intent during our enrollment period for each student. A complete and timely Letter of Intent is required to ensure that the student will be included in the lottery, if a lottery is required because the number of students wanting to enroll exceed the number of seats available at the school.

Parents must fill out and submit a Letter of Intent through The GREAT Academy’s website or request one from the GREAT Academy’s Administrative office during the enrollment period. The Letter of Intent initiates the enrollment process and enters the child into the lottery if necessary. If a lottery is not required, the Letter of Intent will be followed up by standard enrollment procedures. The Letter of Intent form will be posted on The GREAT Academy’s website only for the time the enrollment period is open. Parents must fill out the Letter of Intent and click the submit button. An electronic receipt will be generated and sent to the parent stating that The GREAT Academy received the letter. Upon receiving the Letter of Intent, a GREAT Academy representative will assign a number (see description below) that will be used for enrollment and lottery purposes. To receive help with the Letter of Intent please contact a GREAT Academy representative at 505-792-0306.

Lottery Procedures:

Students wishing to enroll in The GREAT Academy once the 240 student cap has been reached will be entered into a lottery.

A number/letter combination will be assigned to each intent letter, received after the cap has been met, starting with the last 2 digits of the year of application, A for 9th graders, B for 10th graders, C for 11th graders, and D for 12th graders. A number ranging from 001-999 based on the number of applications received. (For example, a student applying for 11th grade for the 2013 school year may be assigned the number (13-C-001).

These numbers, assigned to each student who submits a Letter of Intent (once the 240 cap has been met) will be placed in a “hat” and randomly drawn, one at a time, should any available slots open, until the available slots are filled. The drawing continues until all numbers are drawn and a waiting list will be generated based on the order in which they were drawn. Lottery numbers are directly correlated to the numbers on the Letters of Intent. Lottery applicants will be notified in writing regarding their placement as a result of the lottery process.

A student may apply for one slot only. Students who apply for more than one slot will be removed from the lottery. A student must apply using his/her legal name. Using an alias could result in disqualification from the lottery or dis-enrollment at a later date.